Buying nootropics

The products and companies we decide to work with have been picked carefully. Almost all of them provide third-party certificates of analysis (CoA) that ensure us and you that what’s on the label is what's in the product. Third-party CoAs can also guarantee low concentrations of dangerous compounds such as heavy metals.

Specific nootropics

Sorted by the tendency of the vendor to supply esoteric substances – sellers at top of list supply mainly commonly used nootropics.

Vendors Selling Stacks

A stack in this context is a product that includes several nootropic substances, often for the purported synergistic effects of such combinations.

Selected Nootropics Accessories

About affiliate programs

The reason we work with so many companies is to avoid financial incentives for recommending you a specific nootropic product. Because we have so many alternative products for each nootropic substance we can choose what to promote solely based on scientific studies and reasoning.

Nootralize will earn a commission, at no extra cost for you, if you buy nootropics via our blog or app.