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Piracetam is considered by many as "the original nootropic" since the person who coined the nootropic term also invented piracetam. It has a reputation as a powerful memory enhancer, but how science-backed is it really? Read on to find out.

This nootropic has no healthy human placebo-controlled studies that meet our inclusion criteria. Negative side effects can occur if used carelessly, so make sure you’re aware of the risks of Piracetam.


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Can piracetam enhance cognitive performance?

High-quality research is lacking on the efficacy of piracetam in healthy humans. There's only one study available, and it is of low quality.

Piracetam appears to be effective for certain forms of cognitive impairment. [1]

Only one study [2] has been conducted on piracetam in non-diseased people.

In this study, 8 participants received 4 capsules of placebo 3 times per day, and another 8 participants received 4 capsules of 400mg piracetam 3 times per day.

At least 5 different tests of various aspects of cognitive performance were administered to participants at baseline and after 7 and 14 days of placebo or piracetam use. Some measures of mood were also used to assess any potential effects of piracetam on the affective states of the participants.

Piracetam had no effect on mood or any of the measures of cognitive performance except for two. Word recall (both immediate and delayed) performance were improved after two weeks of piracetam use, but not after one week.

This study is quite old (1976) and included very few participants. It has not since been replicated. There were many measures of cognitive performance and only a couple showed improvements.

The study is not a good source of evidence upon which to make nootropic use decisions. More research is needed on the cognitive and affective effects of piracetam in healthy individuals.


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