Milk Thistle

Other names Silymarin, Milk Thistle Extract, Silybum Marianum Extract

Milk Thistle

Milk thistle is a plant. Milk thistle extracts are used by some to improve mood. But is it effective for healthy people looking to brighten their day? Read on to find out what the science says about this natural nootropic.

This nootropic has no healthy human placebo-controlled studies that meet our inclusion criteria. Negative side effects can occur if used carelessly, so make sure you’re aware of the risks of Milk Thistle.


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Can milk thistle extract improve your mood?

No studies have examined the effects of milk thistle or silymarin on mood in healthy humans.

In a randomized trial on the effects of milk thistle extract in 18 patients with OCD, it was found as effective as fluoxetine, an anti-depressant drug often used in the treatment of OCD [1].

In a rat study, silymarin was found to increase symptoms of depression [2].

To conclude, evidence on the effects of milk thistle for mood is scarce, especially in healthy humans. The studies that exist on the affective effects of milk thistle extract or silymarin resulted in conflicting findings, but are anyhow of low relevance to healthy humans looking to improve their mood.


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Last updated Saturday, June 10, 2023