Other names Sugar, Dextrose


Glucose is the brain's primary fuel source for cognition and necessary for survival. But does it enhance cognitive performance to consume more of it through your diet or supplementation? Read on to find out what the science says.


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Will it really improve my mental performance to consume sugar?

The answer to this question is in part based on expert opinion (not only rock-solid evidence). See Nootralize's interview with nootropics researcher Andrew Scholey for more.

”The brain is the most metabolically active tissue, and yet it’s got this sort of design fault in that it doesn’t store any glucose.” ~ Andrew Scholey

Can glucose enhance memory performance?

Glucose does enhance memory - but will have negative side effects on metabolism if used in large amounts repetitively.

It is useful as a model for scientists researching other cognitive enhancement interventions - but not for biohackers who want to optimize cognitive performance.

If you ever want to use it for its memory-enhancing effects, use it for acute enhancement of memory when you need to perform at your max, such as during academic tests.

Low glycemic index foods give you sustained glucose release, which is better for your metabolism and cognitive performance in the long term.

Cognitive performance is dependent on the supply and demand for fuel (e.g. glucose, oxygen). More demanding cognitive tasks require more fuel and deplete stores quicker. Therefore exogenous (coming from outside the body) administration of fuel sources is extra important in stressful and demanding situations.

What aspects of cognitive functioning does glucose improve during the day of use?

We analyzed data from 3 placebo-controlled studies on the effects of Glucose in healthy humans and summarized the results here:

EffectEffect sizeEvidence amount
Minute positive
Relatively large
Minute positive
Relatively large


The legality and side effects of Glucose

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Studies conducted on the effects of Glucose in healthy humans

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