Other names Emoxypine Succinate, Mexidol


Emoxypine is a man-made antioxidant with a similar chemical structure to that of vitamin B6. It is used by some as a cognitive enhancer to increase focus and reduce nervousness, but it is primarily used to improve and stabilize mood. But is this nootropic actually safe and effective? Read on to find out what the science says.

This nootropic has no healthy human placebo-controlled studies that meet our inclusion criteria. Negative side effects can occur if used carelessly, so make sure you’re aware of the risks of Emoxypine.


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Can emoxypine improve your memory?

No studies have examined the effects of emoxypine on memory in healthy humans.

For anecdotal reports written by people who have used emoxypine, see the FAQ's below.

In animal studies, emoxypine restored memory performance when impaired by several different factors, such as sleep deprivation or chemical (scopolamine) insults [2].

It appears that it:

"... exerts the positive recovery action on the disturbed cognitive functions and neurological deficits emerging during the natural aging ..." [3]

Similarly to many other nootropics, emoxypine research is at an early stage with good results in animal models but no studies on its effects in healthy humans.

The evidence that exists on the effects of emoxypine is encouraging, but of low quality and relevance to healthy humans looking to improve memory functioning.

Can emoxypine reduce nervousness?

No studies have examined the effects of emoxypine on nervousness in healthy humans.

In a review of animal studies on emoxypine, it was concluded that emoxypine had strong positive effects on levels of nervousness without sedative or memory-impairing side effects [4].

A lot more research is needed before it can be known for sure what the effects of emoxypine in healthy humans are.

Why do people use emoxypine?

People who self-experiment with emoxypine often state they use it to improve their:

There is a lack of solid scientific evidence for the effectiveness of emoxypine for any of these purposes, especially in healthy humans.

Should you use emoxypine?

One thing that is certain about the effects of emoxypine is that we know relatively little about them. There is a lack of high-quality research, especially in healthy humans.

Because of the lack of research on emoxypine, we never recommend that people use it.

If you have already decided to use it, here are some guidelines to maximize the benefits and minimize the risks.


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