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Arginine is used by some people to improve energy levels and enhance physical performance. But what does the science say about its effectiveness for these purposes?

This nootropic has no healthy human placebo-controlled studies that meet our inclusion criteria. Negative side effects can occur if used carelessly, so make sure you’re aware of the risks of Arginine.


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Does arginine enhance physical performance?

The available evidence does not support the efficacy of l-arginine for physical performance enhancement in healthy humans.

What cognitive benefits does arginine supplements have?

No studies have examined the cognitive effects of arginine alone in healthy humans. For summaries of studies on the cognitive effects of combinations of arginine with other substances, see the FAQ's below.

Adequate cerebral blood flow is crucial to cognitive performance [3]. There is some evidence that arginine may enhance CBF [4][5]. Arginine is involved in neurotransmission, neurogenesis, and neuroplasticity [6]. However, apart from evidence of arginine being involved in processes related to cognition, there's very little evidence available to suggest any cognitive enhancement effects from the use of supplemental arginine.

Because of the lack of research on arginine for cognitive enhancement, and lack of efficacy of the amino acid for physical performance enhancement, we never recommend that people use it.


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Last updated Saturday, June 10, 2023