Aniracetam may enhance memory, focus, and motivation to socialize. But how science-backed are these potential benefits? Read on to find out.

This nootropic has no healthy human placebo-controlled studies that meet our inclusion criteria. Negative side effects can occur if used carelessly, so make sure you’re aware of the risks of Aniracetam.


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Why do people use aniracetam?

People who self-experiment with aniracetam often state they use it to improve their:

  • Sociality
  • Memory
  • Focus
  • Learning
  • Intelligence
  • Mood

There is a lack of solid scientific evidence for the effectiveness of aniracetam for any of these purposes, especially in healthy humans.

The science of aniracetam for cognitive enhancement

There's a lack of research on the efficacy of Aniracetam for cognitive enhancement in healthy humans.

People with mild cognitive deficits had improved cognitive performance in several studies when Aniracetam was compared with a placebo. There's currently only anecdotal evidence available to support the claim that healthy people can perform better cognitively thanks to the use of Aniracetam.

Does Aniracetam Improve Learning and Memory?

Human Studies on Aniracetam

In Healthy Humans

There are no studies on the cognitive or behavioral effects of Aniracetam in healthy humans.

In Diseased Humans

Two placebo-controlled studies in patients with cognitive impairment found that Aniracetam can protect people from mild cognitive deficits.[1] [2] [3]

However, one study found no effects on cognition in impaired individuals when Aniracetam was compared with a placebo. [4]

Two of the studies on Aniracetam in people with cognitive impairment did not use a randomized design which reduces the confidence we can have about Aniracetam's actual beneficial effects for restoring cognitive performance.

Animal studies on Aniracetam

On Healthy Animals

In one study in healthy mice, no effects were found on measures of learning and memory. [5] [6].

A mice study designed to simulate human use of the smart drug showed no effects on various measures of learning and memory. [7] This study doesn't provide any definitive answers as regards the efficacy of Aniracetam in healthy subjects but provides some evidence against its efficacy.

In a study on the memory-effects of Aniracetam in healthy pigeons, no effects were found.

Aniracetam had no effect on the pigeons’ memory performance, nor did it affect response latency. These findings add to the growing evidence that, while effective at improving memory function in models of impaired memory, aniracetam has no effect in improving memory in healthy organisms. [8]

On Diseased Animals

In studies on animals, cognitive enhancement from Aniracetam has been observed only in animals with pre-use impairment. [9] [10]

If Aniracetam has similar effects in humans as in mice, pigeons, monkeys, and rats, it is likely that people with cognitive impairment will see the biggest benefits from using it.

Animal studies should be interpreted carefully. In many cases, effects on animals are not the same as in humans.

Conclusion - Is Aniracetam Effective for Learning and Memory in Healthy People?

There is a lack of high-quality research, especially in healthy humans, on the effects of Aniracetam on learning and memory.

It is a promising substance with cognitive benefits demonstrated in some but far from all studies.

Due to the lack of research on Aniracetam, we never recommend that people use it.

Aniracetam for Social Nervousness

No studies in humans have examined the effects of Aniracetam on social nervousness.

One mice study looked at the effects of Aniracetam on different forms of nervousness and social impairments. There were improvements in these measures after the use of Aniracetam. [11]

Aniracetam use for reduction of social nervousness cannot be considered science-backed. Only animal findings and anecdotal reports support its effectiveness.


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